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This is a sampling of clips from Janet Applefield’s documentary, Becoming Janet, about growing up as a hidden Jewish child in Poland. This half hour video utilizes Janet's own poetry, her collection of family photographs, original music from Hudson musicians, one interview, a narrator, and creative ways to tell her story. We also made a TV show, “Two Who Survived,” when Janet introduced us to Lydia Hughes, another survivor who came from the same tiny Polish town who happened to live near the TV station. Only those two women survived Hitler's Regime there.

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Example of a video made with the beautiful photography and videography of the subject's granddaughter, Sarada Vose Wise. We edited it together and made this masterpiece back when this business was What's Your Story.

Mary Calabro was dying of cancer but got a chance to see this tribute to her life. She loved it and the whole family was so pleased. Sarada and I became good friends. What a win-win. Now Sarada has two sons who will one day view this and learn of their family history.

Personal History & Family Events

Your family history has valuable stories that record your loved ones's lives and also is a window to another time. Many people regret that they didn't gather information from their relatives to learn about their own family history. Wouldn't you want to have a treasure to give to your children and grandchildren?

Connect Your Stories makes this project fun, interesting, and manageable for you.

We can scale the project to your budget and work around your schedule. Once the story and photographs have been collected you can decide how much you want to be a part of each stage or if you want to wait until the review stage. We strive to make you happy.

Here are some family stories we have done:

• A Jewish family in Eastern Europe flees 3,000 miles to escape Nazis, then Communist Regimes during World War II, and finally end up creating a happy home in Indiana!

• Jack's family tree goes back to the Potato Famine in Ireland. His greatgrandparents ended up in Worcester, Massachusetts. Jack fought in the Battle of The Bulge during World War II and almost died with a bullet in his spine, but he fought for his life and with his unending determination returned home able to work and raise a family, living well into his 90s.

• A french woman documented the love triangle in her family history and also wanted to honor her mother's devotion helping others during WWII.

We also film and edit Memorial Services and Funerals and then create a tribute to your loved one. Ask to see some selected clips.

Other events have included Bar/Bas Mitvahs, Indian ceremonies, Baby Showers, Anniversary Parties, and Birthday parties.

Cushy the Cat, subject of Tales of a Tail-less Cat

Feel the magic of this young man's coming of age Bar Mitzvah party: lots of fantastic music, dancing and the joy of transitioning from childhood life to the start of adulthood surrounded by friends and the family clan. If you can't view it here, contact us to get password.

We can record, edit and create YOUR special personal events:

Baby Showers, Confirmations, Bar/Bas Mitzvahs, Anniversary Partiies, Retirement Events, and more. Remember: we can edit YOUR footage and create a fantastic little movie with our professional tools.


Hey! What about me?

Of course we do Pet Memorial Stories! We can take all your cute dog and kitty photos, video clips, add audio or video of you telling your stories, the perfect music, and make a half hour video for you to share at home or online. On the left Judy and Phil share their funny stories, unrehearsed, in order to find closure when Cushy died.

The Gewing family from Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Circa 1917.
Judy Faust's father, Fred Faust, is in this photo of a sweat shop in New York in the 1939.
The Faust and Barras family, all refugees except the young girl.
Fred Faust and Trudy Faust in 1945.
Judy Faust loved berets even as a child. Photo by Trudy Faust
Fred Faust raises up baby Judy Faust in the air. Photo by Trudy Faust.
Judy Faust as an adult wearing a red beret. Photo by Phil Gray