Ever wanted to have your own family history video?

Choose the size, occasion, time frame, and your budget.

Here are some possibilities:

• 5 - 10 minute slideshow with title page, music, captions and creative ending. Great for showing at Funeral Service, Memorials, Anniversary Celebration, or birthday party.

• 15 minute slideshow with one or two interviews who serve as the storyteller, plus photographs, documents, maps and other visual storytelling elements. Has captions, title page, and production music.

• Half hour personal history project with several interviews, "B roll", many photographs, captions, music and narration.

• Full feature documentary that can be publicized for educational purposes. It has the works!

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Judy Faust and Jack Judge discuss what to include in his Personal History Project. Photo by Richard Buxton.
Judy Faust discuss a family history project.

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.Judy is a wonderful person to work with – very friendly and accommodative.  Her work is excellent.  She did a video session for one of our family events recently.  Our family members liked her a lot. They thought she is a wonderful person.  The video and the photography was of very high quality.  We were very happy with her work.


A.M in Boston  

Judy was great. She went above and beyond to make a memorial video we will cherish forever. She drove a very long distance, worked diligently, communicated well all along the way and we love the final version!

Todd Grove

Jack Judge shares what he liked about working with Judy Faust for his biography.