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Cheri Boots-Sutton already won the World Championship Auctioneer First Place in 2012, so this year she teamed up with her innovative daughter, Cherlyn Sutton and came to Boston, hoping to win for Team and Ringman competitions. This is just a glimpse of what happened.

It doesn't matter if you think auctioneers or car auctions are a bore. Watch this and see how these two dynamos are changing everything! Cheri and Cherlyn are also Gala auctioneers who travel all over the country.

You can watch the longer tv show version here:

"Judy Faust was excellent to work with, and has an outstanding personality. I'm located in Texas, and she was recommended to me from a friend in New York for a professional video shoot in Boston. She treated both the clients she was filming, and their associates with professionalism, and was able to fulfill a multitude of promotional videos, along with a documentary, far beyond the expectations that were asked of her."

Paul Burch, Sponsor for this project