See What’s Whispered: The Legacy Of Artist David C. Baker

A bucolic village nestled in New Hampshire's White Mountains might not be where you'd expect to find a revolution in watercolor painting but it happened in Jackson after David C. Baker arrived in 1946. Baker’s innovative technique, “Vitreous Flux”, the result of creative play on a refrigerator door, became very popular and soon his home and gallery became a cultural mecca. For five decades David’s work and creativity evolved, earning commissions and awards across the country. He sold his work all over the globe. When he stopped painting due to cancer, he wrote, Blue Tarp, a witty book of poetry, published a year before he died.


See What’s Whispered shows how David’s passion for art and his desire to help others enabled him to overcome obstacles and become a success.The uplifting story unfolds with thirty colorful interviews, with hundreds of images of his life and art, and is supported with soaring music by Dickie Tilton, a composer and friend to David. The spirited artist left behind his liberating influence which lives on his work, in those who knew him, and now in this new documentary by Judy Faust, who knew David as a friend and mentor. See what's whispered! 1 hour dvd. For ages 16 and up.


From the Baker family

"Judy Faust set out to document my father's life as an artist, a task others had been just talking about for over a decade. She enthusiastically reviewed family scrap books, photo albums, customer records and the artist's archive of his work. She conducted over fifty in-depth interviews. Collectors and individuals from all over the world sent her digital images of their purchases. The resulting video was rich with art, photos and revealing interviews, all presented concisely, with a play time of just one hour. Judy Faust accomplished exactly what she set out to do, and on time. Truly a work of art in itself."

Nancy Linder, daughter of David C Baker

From a customer

Watching the DVD has left me with more insight into the life of David Baker. I also enjoyed the interviews with several artists whom I've been honored to have met personally.

In addition to the other artists, I was happy with the mention of Kathleen P. Moore

who was my mentor and introduced me to the art of Vitreous Flux. The film helped me to gain an even greater appreciation of this style of painting. I really liked David's landscapes. Judy Faust did a fine job of portraying the beauty of David Baker's art. It will remain a treasured film to me.

Sonya Csapo Eckers

From a project volunteer

Judy and I worked together compiling some publicity material for her documentary film. I also assisted her during the premiere event. Judy's combination of organization and planning, plus her love for her subjects makes for a strong film that is moving to viewers. She is a talented, efficient, and compassionate storyteller. I highly recommend her and her work.

Cheryl Corson

From interviewed talent and close friend of the Bakers

I've known Judy for a long time. She's very compassionate and caring about her work and her relationships. I first knew her as an artist and later as a videographer. She loves the truth as you see it. Compelling interviewer, marvelous editor. Very mature and sensitive. You will not be disappointed, you will be amazed.

Kate Delaney-Brown

The DVD of the movie, See What's Whispered-The Legacy of Artist David C. Baker. No one left his gallery unchanged.
David Baker liked to listen to the news and doodle on his refrigerator. It was on the refridgerator door that he discovered what became known later as his famous Vitreous Flux approach to painting.
Self Portrait by David C Baker on Marlite board using the Vitreous Flux technique that he invented.

This documentary is offered also as a

Film & Lecture presentation

by Judy Faust who creates a program for your school, college, retirement community, or local film or artist organization. She includes reading poems from David's delightful book of poetry, Blue Tarp.

Topics for discussion

• local and NH history 1940-1999

• art, artist, role in community

• social, emotional, education

• painting and creativity

1 1/2 Hrs

For adults, senior citizens, and for 7th grade and up. Can be tailored to whole assemblies, indivdual grade levels or classes.

Send inquiries to Judy@connectyourstories.com

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See What's Whispered movie

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