Angels of Austria:

The Church That Reached Out To Holocaust Survivors

All her adult life in America, Trudy, a Jewish refugee from Austria, blamed herself for failing to rescue her father from the Nazis. Just as she began to share her father's letters that she had tucked away for over fifty years, she received an unusual invitation in 1995 from a church in Austria asking her to return to her hometown for a week of friendship, seeking forgiveness for their country's crimes of the Holocaust. But how can Trudy forgive them, when she hasn't even forgiven herself? Is it possible to heal from the Holocaust? The daughter, Judy Faust, tells the story and explores the challenging journey to forgiveness.

Audience Comments

"I have perhaps never felt as hopeful and optimistic about the future of the human race as I did following your presentation.

Every facet of it is the most beautiful example of what is possible when the goodness in people and the human spirit triumphs." Priscilla, Activities Director, Aynsley Place, Nashua, N.H 

"Thank you a million times for sharing such a beautiful story with the residents here at The Woods at Canco. Your personal journey is now touching others, each in a unique way, bringing both hope and peace in a time we are often lacking both. Thank you for doing this powerful movie."

Angela Langely, Activities Director, The Woods at Canco, Portland, Maine 

"This movie was extremely moving and inspirational. It was beautiful that people from the church opened their hearts and extended their reach to find Jewish people from that particular town. It was so powerful to see the healing effect of forgiveness. An act of kindness, we should all strive for, but the courage and strength to meet them is something even more. Thank you for this movie. It has forever changed me."   Victoria, 8th grade


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Trudy Faust and her aunt, Herta, listen to the speeches from the Ichthys Church in Austria. Can they forgive them for their family and country's sins of the Holocaust?
Trudy Faust's 1938 passport. She was barely 17. Notice the Reich stamp on it. Hitler had marched into a cheering Vienna was she and her father lined up at the Consulate.
Young people of the Ichthys Church performed Israeli dances and songs for visiting Holocaust Survivors in 1995.
Janette, a church member invites Trudy and Judy to her home in Wiener Neustadt for a heart to heart talk.
The Noordam ship that Trudy Faust took to New York City in December 1938.
Reluctant af first, Herta, Trudy and other Jews warmly accept the love of the Icnthys Church in an all day reception in 1995.
Trudy Faust speaks to a crowd at a High School in Vienna in a moving account of how she escaped in 1938.
Cheering crowds in the streets of Vienna greeting Hitler, while Jews cowered in their apartments wondering where to escape to.
Judy Faust behind the podium at a synagogue presenting Angels of Austria movie.

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"Packed with emotion, an uplifting story about love and redemption. The discussion afterwards is as powerful as the movie!"

Coastal Journal of Maine

Angels of Austria

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