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Some questions that I will ask you are

1. What is your project about?

2. Who is your audience going to be?

3. How many hours might it will take to

film your event or subject?

4. When do you need the shoot and the final product to be ready for review?

5. Where will the filming take place?

6. How long would you like the finished video or videos to be?

We'll go over it together to arrive

at an estimate and outline of a project that will fit your budget.

Anne Ellinger speaks to an audience and Judy Faust takes the video at a True Story Theater fundraiser.

       Services to consider

• Video production includes

Concept development based on client needs, filming, editing, transitions, captions, titles, production music, lighting, one to two cameras, credits, storytelling, narrative, script or storyboard (if needed), and more.

• You get one chance to review the roughcut, and a second one to approve it before it's processed to

1 master DVD and online formats

• Love to film but hate to edit?

Call us. We work in Final Cut Pro X

• Filming on location at your site.

(MA, RI, CT, ME and NH)

• Love to edit and hate to shoot?

We'll do the filming and hand you the "raw footage" from a scan disk.

Film and lecture presentation

of one of our documentaries for your library, school, church, retirement community, or other organization.

We design an entertaining and thought provoking show based on your organization's needs.

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